Customization Service

Customization options for CTP

Touch function: Pool of water, gloves, thick cover lens, salty water,etc

CTP structure: G+G, G+F, G+F+F, P+G,etc

IC controller: Microchip Atmel, Cypress, EETI, ILITEK, Goodix, Focaltech,etc

Sensor layer: Yellow light explosure ITO pattern / printing ITO pattern; silver routing & gold routing with low impedence and support extreme temperature

Cover: 0.55-10mm tempered glass, irregular shape, grinding & polishing concave buttons and sliders; blind touch buttons and sliders, mirror like cover glass, whole black design, AG, AR, AF, Anti-Bacterial treatment, Anti-UV light ink printing, ceramic printing

Bonding Technology




Size available from 1.44’’ to 86’’

OCA, OCR, Silicon Gel Mainly use OCA, OCR, Silicon Gel material

Over 98% production yield rate

Anti-shock and effectively improve the structural strength of the whole machine

Increasing screen sunlight readability

Good performance for extreme temperature and non-yellowing

Easy to disassemble and rebonding, reduce scrap rate

Adhesive Tapes Bonding

Optical Bonding (OCA, OCR, Silicon Gel Bonding)

Customization options for LCD

  • FPC

  • Backlight

  • Interface

  • Optical film for increase the view-ing angles

Customization option for others:

AD board customization

Anti-spy privacy film

TFT controller board customization

NVIS filter

Optical Bonding

Driver Board

TCON Board

Adapter Board

Interface Converter Board

LED driver Board

Customization Service