Customized Service

As a one-stop supplier in the field of touch display, we not only have a complete industrial touch display,also we launched a series of standard driver boards for help customer save development and testing cost . Meanwhile, customization on LCD driver board, backlight board and AD board is also available in JuTouch.

As considered the industrial projects has high requests for products reliability and long time supply warranty, all our boards are designed with ultra-long life span, wide temperature working support and long time supply guarantee.


LCD driver board available for interface converting from RGB, LVDS, MIPI,eDP to VGA or HDMI

TCON Board

1Intergrated booster circuit of VGH,VGL,AVDD,VCOM

2Intergrated LED driver circuit

3Intergrated CTP and LCD interface

LCD signal converting board available for signal interchanging between RGB, LVDS, MIPI, eDP

Adapter Board

1HDMI and VGA signal input,2ports LVDS or 24 bits RGB or eDP signal output

2Support for key board and OSD language

3Maximum support 1920(WUXGA)/ 1440@60hz

LCD backlight driver board and high brightness display booster board available

Interface Converter Board

1LVDS signal input and TTL signal direct output

2Intergrated LED driver circuit

3Intergrated booster circuit of VGH,VGL,AVDD,VCOM

Adapter board for Touch and Display interface converting

LED driver Board

1Support high current backlight drive

The above board can be customized according to the specific needs of customers