Size: 1.44'' - 55''
Structure: G+G, G+F, G+F+F, P+G
Touch Performance: Pool of Water, Water + Gloves + Stylus, Thick Gloves, High Frequency Electromagnetic Interferences, etc
Customization Ability: Full range of Customization for Cover, Sensor, IC and Bonding, etc.

Optical Bonding

Airgap bonding Features:

Easy assembly & disassembly

Low cost

High reflection rate

Easy to enter with dust, stains, dirt, etc

Lower sunlight readability and impact resistance

Optical Bonding Features:

Increase sunlight readability and impact resistance

Resist to stains, dust, dirt,etc

Best combination of material and process to protect against bubbling

Extreme temperature specifications

Passes OCA yellowing test

Excellent shock absorption

Repairable after delivery

High cost