Size: 1.44'' - 55''
Structure: G+G, G+F, G+F+F, P+G
Touch Performance: Pool of Water, Water + Gloves + Stylus, Thick Gloves, High Frequency Electromagnetic Interferences, etc
Customization Ability: Full range of Customization for Cover, Sensor, IC and Bonding, etc.

Full Range Customizations For Cover Lens Materials, Colors, Shapes And Treatment

Materials: Glass(max support 10mm, Opti White Glass & Opti Float Glass, Thermally & Chemicaly Tempered), PMMA (max support 5mm)

Color: Gradient logo printing, Ceramic printing, Anti-UV light ink printing

Shape: 3D cover glass customization, CNC the holes, sliders, concave buttons, polishing treatment, etc.


Shape polishing

Shape CNC the holes

Shape sliders concave buttons

Shape 3D cover glass customization

Shape Step glass design


Shape Ceramic printing
Anti-UV light ink printing

Shape Gradient logo printing

Shape Photoreal on cover glass


Shape Max to 5mm PMMA

Shape Max to10mm Glass

Special Treatment For Cover Glass

glass imge

Anti-Fingerprint Coating

With make Anti-Fingerprint coating on cover glass, it will be hard to leave fingerprint on screen and the water on glass would be drops, no spread over. 

Water contact angle on screen will be >110゜

Applications: Handheld devices, Laboratory devices, etc

glass imge

Anti-Reflection Coating

Cover lens transmittance: 94% ~ 99%

Cover lens reflection: 0.5% ~ 5%

20000 times friction under 2kg pressure with use 0# steel velvet.

Salt Foggy testing: Test 480H under 5% NaCl, 48℃.

Production process: Evaporation, Sputtering, Soaking

Applications: Sunlight Readable Solutions with improve the visual effect, etc

glass imge

Anti-Glare Treatment

Customized values of Gloss are available in JuTouch.

Production process: 

Chemical etching process (long service life, JuTouch mainly used)

Coating process (high gloss value consistency, high gloss value)

Spraying process (easy to fall off)

Selective Etching AG Glass (make Etching AG Treatment on screen but leave the camera area be no AG)

Application: Outdoor use devices with ask sunlight readable, Indoor use devices with ask anti-glare from lights, etc 

glass imge


By adding nano-silver material into SiO2 for coating process, it helps to break the bacterial cell wall so as to destroy the bacteria. The coating film cured by high temperature improves the adhesion that can warrant the use for 10 years.

Capacity / Ability


Max. size:2000x1500mm / 100inch diagonal cover glass

Glass Material
Soda Lime Glass, Alumina Silicate Glass, Optical White,etc
Medical Display, Glass Keyboard, Touch Device,etc


Flexible For Choose Touch IC Controller

ICSize SupportInterfaceWaterproofGlovesThickness of coverlensLifetime
logo≤10.1”IICA large pool of water≤5mm gloves≤8mm glass,≤4mm PMMA>5 years
logo≤43”USB/UART/IICA large pool of water≤5mm gloves≤10mm glass,≤4mm PMMA>5 years
logo≤31.5''IIC/USBA large pool of water≤5mm gloves≤5mm glass,≤3mm PMMA>5 years
logo≤84”USB/UART/IICA large pool of water≤5mm gloves≤5mm glass,≤3mm PMMA>5 years
logo≤13.3”IICWater foggy / Wet fingers≤3mm gloves≤3mm glass,≤2mm PMMA>2 years

Comprehensive System Support

Supporting wide variety of operating systems (Linux, Windows, IOS, and Android)